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Director of the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development of World Health Organization Dr. Branca says Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation is playing useful role in providing information to people of Pakistan and highlighting the achievements of UN in Pakistan. 

Speaking in a programme of News and Current Affairs Channel (NCAC) of Radio Pakistan on Wednesday evening, he said that both traditional and social media can be used as a tool to create awareness among masses about global obesity and diabetes epidemics.  He said an estimated 42 million children under age of five year are overweight or obese in 2015 globally. He added that some 422 million adults across the world have diabetes.

Talking about side effects of the Sugar in our daily usage, Dr. Branca said that progressive decrease of sugar level is good for health.  He added that World Health Organization is mulling to impose tax on sugar-made commodities.  Dr. Branca was of the view that more sugar is used by people, the higher weight is gained as a result.  He also urged the people to abstain from taking sugar-mixed items, including hot drinks, yogurt and sweet bread, to lower risk of obesity and tooth decay.  Dr. Branca told that over 60 percent of the food is baked in western countries. 

The Director Nutrition Department also threw light on demerits of junk food in our routine life.  He urged the media to spread awareness among masses about health impacts of Sugary drinks. 

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