Pakistan has said terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. 

At a media briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah expressed concerns over growing incidents of hate crimes against Muslims after the Paris attacks.   

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, expert international affairs Dr. Shaheen Akhtar said: “There are some elements that have created misunderstanding between Muslim world and Western world. It is a wrong conception that Islam is a religion of terrorism. Islam is the religion of toleration, peace and brotherhood. Pakistan itself affected with terrorism and around fifty thousand people have been died in this wave of terrorism. Pakistan has spent millions of dollars on the war against terrorism to save the world. India is involved in creating problems in Balochistan and also backing and sponsoring terrorism in FATA and Karachi.”

Religious scholar Mufti Abdul Qayyum said: “The developed countries want to marginalize the Islamic world. After the decline of socialism now they feel that Islamic world is the biggest hurdle in the way of their agenda to capture the entire world. The creator of this policy are those who destroy the Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria on the name of terrorism but in fact they are themselves biggest terrorists.

Former ambassador Fauzia Nasreen said: Prime Minister will meet several international leaders at the sideline of Malta summit. Several head of the states are also taking part in the proceedings of commonwealth session in Malta. The world leaders will discuss the emerging law and order situation in Europe and discuss the worsening situation of Middle East keenly. Our forces have paid huge sacrifices in war against terrorism. Prime Minister will share the latest update of operation Zarb-e-Azb with international community.      

Religious scholar Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman said: “It is unfair behavior of the west that they relate every incident of terrorism with Muslims. If we accept these phenomena that the ongoing terrorism is on the bases of religion then Christians are also involved in it because recently a Christian shot dead around 40 children at a school in United States. Islam is the religion of peace and love and it condemn any type of terrorism. In my view, terrorists have no religion they are just killers. We need to stop unwanted propaganda against Islam and Muslims to counter this joint threat by joining hands rather pointing fingers on each others.  

Religious Scholar Munir Ahmed Yousafi said: “Our Prophet (PBUH) teaches the lesson of love and peace. He had faced several problems and difficulties while preaching the fundamentals of Islam. He gave the lesson of forgiveness and politeness even with worst enemies. There are some people who are doing terrorism and using the name of Islam but in fact they have no connection with Islam and Muslims. It is a well managed and well prepared conspiracy against the Muslim world to malign the face of the Islam. It is the duty of media of Muslim countries media to highlight the positive factors of Islam before the international community.”

Religious scholar Dr. Murtaza Alvi said: “Islam is the religion of peace and love. Those who are following the true principals of Islam are the only Muslims and the terrorists have no connection with Islam in any sense. Almost scholars of all major religious have condemned the terrorism. It is also the equal responsibility of the west to create interfaith harmony and should launch a dialogue on this issue to understand the point of view of all religions. Muslims are only those who are following the guiding principles of Islam.      

Religious analyst Dr. Dost Muhammad said: “Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and it have no concern with terrorism. It is the conspiracy against Islam that some countries are pottering Islam is religion of terrorism and extremism. The world powers are creating false propaganda against Islam and relate every incident of terrorism with Islam. It is the duty of religious leaders, scholars and politicians to play their role to naturalize the propaganda by creating awareness about the positive features of Islam.”      

Senior analyst Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema said: “Prime Minister has reached to attend the session of commonwealth, where he will highlight the sacrifices and achievements of Pakistan in global war against terrorism. All the countries that were ruled by the Great Britain are the part of commonwealth. Pakistan has been hosting millions of Afghan refugees from the last two and half decades. The western countries should host the refugees of Syria and Iraq, if they have some humanitarian. The foreign investors are now willing to invest in Pakistan because of our improved law and order situation which is a good sign for our economy.

Former ambassador Mushtaq Ahmed Mehr said: “Fifty six countries are the members of commonwealth and its meeting is going to be held in Malta. Pakistan, African countries, Asian counties and European countries are the members of commonwealth. Prime Minister will address this important forum during his ongoing visit to Malta. The meeting will discuss several issues including health, education and poverty elevation from the member states of commonwealth. 

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