Nisar Bazmi was born in December 1924. He was a composer and music director of Indian and Pakistan's film industry. Nisar Bazmi remained one of the most famous musicians of the South Asia. He also introduced new singers like Alamgir. The great musician died in March 2007.

Khwaja Khurshid Anwar was born in March 1912. He was a filmmaker, writer, director and music composer, who gained tremendous popularity both in India and Pakistan. He is widely credited as being one of the most original and inventive music directors of his generation. He was also the Programme Producer (Music) at (AIR), All India Radio. Khurshid Anwar enhanced Pakistani film music's identity through his first film. The legend died in October 1984.

Zia Mohyeddin was born in June 1933. He is a  Pakistani actor, producer, director and television broadcaster, who appeared in both Pakistani cinema and British cinema throughout his career. He has since traveled the world giving Urdu poetry and prose recitations, and is considered to be the foremost reader of Urdu literature. In addition, he is also famed for his readings of English letters and literature.

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