Analysts and leaders of various political parties have expressed their support to government for bringing 22nd constitutional amendment to stop horse trading in Senate polls.

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar program of Radio Pakistan, Senator PML-N Mushahidullah Khan said: “Government has performed its duty to propose a constitutional amendment to bring transparency in senate election. Some political parties have been trying to derail democracy in the country. The constitutional amendment to ensure transparency in senate election is only possible if all the political parties agree. We want to strengthen the democratic system in Pakistan. Suggestions from any political party in this regard will be highly appreciated by the government.”

PPP’s Senator Rubina Khalid said: “This is not the right time for constitution amendment to ensure transparency in senate election. This should have been done before the announcement of senate elections. Our party has fair past. Any candidate can support the senate member without any special interest. It is not possible at the time to constitute a mechanism to ensure transparency in senate elections.”

PTI Leader Mujahid Ali: “PTI has already supported government’s efforts for constitutional amendment to ensure transparency in senate election. Our party will support this amendment.”

Legal expert Dr. Khalid Ranjha said: “The constitutional amendment to ensure transparency in senate election is not possible right now because the election schedule has already been announced. These amendments were possible four months ago.”

ANP Senator Farah Aqil said: “The senate election should be transparent. We should have to get rid of horse-trading and our party will support government’s efforts in this regard. Becoming a senate member through illegal way is not the part of true democracy. All other political parties should support the government’s initiative.”

MQM leader Asif Hasnain said: “Our party is in favor of transparency in senate election. A senator should be elected on the basis of his honesty and leadership potential. We support the government on the matter of constitutional amendment. This will send a good message abroad that Pakistani government is making wise decisions.”

Senator Kalsoom Parveen said: “This is a good decision of the government but it should have been done some months ago. I do not agree to this decision.”


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