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PM urges world to take urgent simultaneously raising ambition for climate action
November 26, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called upon the world community to take an urgent simultaneously raising ambition for climate action, building resilience and adapting to the inescapable impacts of climate change.   

In an article on the World Economic Forum's Country Strategic Dialogue on Pakistan 2020, he said world is witnessing unprecedented floods, severe droughts, increasing heat waves, spreading wildfires and fierce cyclonic activity and all these pose a clear and present danger for humanity.

He said it is also vital that developing countries are supported with enhanced climate finance, appropriate technology transfer and supportive capacity-building.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan remains fully committed to play a leadership role in addressing the issue of climate change and making a shift towards a "Clean and Green" Pakistan through a well-articulated climate change agenda consisting of a number of on-the-ground flagship initiatives.

The Prime Minister said that on the energy side, Pakistan remains committed to realizing the untapped renewable energy potential and to shift our energy mix to 60 percent clean energy by 2030. 

He said Pakistan carved out a silver lining through "Green Stimulus", aimed at nature protection and creation of green jobs.

During the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, we have created around 85,000 COVID safe green jobs which are planned to be scaled-up to 200,000 by December 2020.