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Modi government has committed a historic blunder in Kashmir: Analysts
August 26, 2019

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):

In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan has clearly defined the dimensions of assistance that Pakistan will continue to provide the Kashmiris. PM was confident that the countries not supporting Kashmir cause will do it at later stage. It is a good omen that PM Khan announced to be an ambassador of Kashmiri people and will take the issue to all possible international forums. Pakistan has always expressed solidarity with Kashmiri brethren. PM also highlighted the worst human rights violations committed by India in the Held valley. Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi has committed a big strategic mistake by revoking special status of the Kashmir and will face the consequences. International media is also exposing Indian unconstitutional move in the valley and strict lockdown and curfew there.

Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (IR Expert):

Prime Minister Imran Khan has tried to muster the support of nation and world over Kashmir issue. PM also exposed the Hindutwa ideology of present Indian government. This ideology has led to many violent riots including murder of Gandhi, Babri Mosque incident and killing of Muslims in Gujrat and ongoing genocide in Held valley. BJP government has not only violated international norms but also the verdicts of its own Supreme Court. The current situation may lead to war between two nuclear states. Now it is the responsibility of international community to resolve this core issue putting behind its national interests with India.

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (IR Expert on International Relations):

Taking the nation into confidence is the hallmark of PM Imran Khan’s address. PM has engaged himself with the nation on the issue of national issues. Pakistan successfully highlighted Kashmir dispute at international level. We have been able to attract the attention of international community and media over human rights violations in Held Kashmir. The world realized that the ideology of Hindutva will be harmful for the entire region. The visit of PM to United States and meeting with Donald Trump was very effective. There are some opinions that Pakistan should call off Afghan peace process but this option will not only effect the Pak-US relations but also interrupt the peace of the region. Stable Afghanistan is in best interest of the region.

Lt Gen (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst):

The speech of PM Imran Khan was motivating. Pakistan assured that it will always stand with the Kashmiri people. Regional peace is not possible without resolving the Kashmir issue. Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint that will have negative impacts not only to the region but to the entire world. PM Imran Khan will also talk on this issue at United Nations next month. The global powers should help send fact finding missions immediately in held valley to chalk out what is happening with the Kashmiris. Moreover, the international community must also intervene to provide material support in terms of food, medicines and other necessities to the Kashmiri people who have been under the worst curfew imposed by Indian government.

Lt Gen (R) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst):

The address of Prime Minister Imran Khan was timely one in the current circumstances. The pressure of international media is increasing on India to resolve outstanding issues with Pakistan through dialogue and in peaceful way. India should be forced to take back its unconstitutional and unilateral move in Held Kashmir. United States and other main stakeholders must mediate to resolve Kashmir dispute. India will get a befitting response in case of false flag operation. Kashmir dispute has direct impact on peace process in Afghanistan so United States needs to intervene. International media for the first time is supporting the stance of Pakistan over Kashmir.

Maj Gen (R) Ijaz Awan (Defense Analyst):

PM Imran Khan rightly indicated that the policies of present Indian government are not only the threat for its own integrity and sovereignty but are dangerous for the entire region. The minorities in India are feeling insecure due to increasing influence of RSS ideology. PM declared himself as ambassador of Kashmiri people and will take the issue on all possible international forums. PM also warned the world about the chances of a nuclear war as Kashmir issue has become the nuclear flashpoint between two nuclear states. If it happens then the repercussions will be felt across the world. It is time for the international players to intervene into the issue. Pakistan is determined to be with Kashmiris till the last breath.

Brig (R) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst):

Kashmiris are totally dependent on Pakistan for diplomatic support at international level. The unilateral decision of Indian government of abolishing special status to Kashmir is violation of international laws and Shimla agreement. The escalation may lead to an uncontrolled war that will affect the entire region. Pakistan is determined to expose Indian policies over Kashmir on international fora. India has turned the Kashmir valley into a military garrison and even Indian politicians are not allowed to visit the valley. International media is playing a vital role in highlighting Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir. It is unfortunate that international community is not playing its role just because of its economic relations with India.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (Expert on International Relations): 

Pakistani nation and Kashmiri people are bund in relations of love and affection with each other. Pakistan is supporting Kashmiris and their cause of freedom for the last seventy years and also fought wars with India over this dispute. All the political and religious parties expressed solidarity with Kashmiris and their struggle for freedom from Indian occupation. It is the responsibility of international community to treat Kashmir issue as the priority one as it is the nuclear flashpoint between two nuclear states. Indian media is criticizing UN General Secretary for expressing concern over the prevailing situation in Held Kashmir. United Nations Security Council also declared Kashmir issue as bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

Pervaiz Ahmed Shah (Hurriyet Leader):

The address of the PM Imran Khan to the nation is a message to the world that Pakistan and Kashmiris are on the same page. PM also conveyed that whether the world supports us or not, Pakistan will go to any lengths for just right of Kashmiri people. Pakistan always expressed solidarity with Kashmiris. The speech will take the moral of Kashmiris to sky high. Telephone and internet links were cut off and public assembly banned in Held Kashmir yet the viral videos are describing the stories of Indian brutalities on innocent Kashmir. The cruel Indian face will be exposed in front of the world once the curfew will be lifted.

Abdul Mateen (Hurriyet Leader):

The messages in PM’s speech were loud and clear that Pakistan stand with Kashmiris. Narendra Modi has committed a blunder of bringing an end to special status of Occupied Kashmir that internationalized the issue. PM once again reiterated the commitment that Pakistan will not leave the Kashmiris alone in crucial times. Indian government has not only violated its constitution, UN resolutions but also the international laws. Despite of brutal use of force by Indian government, the Kashmiris will not step back an inch from their right to self-determination.

Khawaja Nazir Ahmed (Hurriyet Leader):

Narendra Modi is trying to bluff the world. Modi himself admitted that Kashmir is a disputed territory and bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. It is an example of its own kind that Kashmiris have been fighting with the modern equipped Indian forces to get their right to self-determination. The sacrifices rendered by the Kashmiris for their right will not go waste. It is for the first time that international media is giving proper coverage to the Kashmir issue. Kashmiri people have the hopes from Pakistan that it is highlighting Kashmir issue on all foras and continuing its moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiri people.