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Tensions b/w India & its neighbouring countries are on rise
May 26, 2020

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Tensions between India and its neighbouring countries are on the rise.

There have been frequent skirmishes between India and China at Actual Line of Control in Ladakh.

The recent tension between the two countries started when Indian army began constructing a road and a bridge in an area of Ladakh, angering China.

Indian army was alarmed when it witnessed an increased movement of Chinese army in the area. Chinese planes, helicopters and heavy artillery started reaching the area.

Then Chinese army entered into Indian Occupied Ladakh at Galwan Valley and set up their presence after pushing Indian army out.

There are reports of Chinese army digging trenches inside four to five kilometers of Line of Actual Control. 

Chinese army also arrested a number of Indian soldiers, who were released after apologies tendered by high command of Indian army.

On the other hand, India's border conflict with Nepal is also increasing. A map released by Nepalese Prime Minister has shown Kala Pani and Lampia Dhora as part of Nepal which are claimed by India.