Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid has said Kashmir is a corner stone of Pakistan's policy.

Speaking in a Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel programme on Sunday, he said Pakistan extends moral, political, and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir in their struggle to achieve their birth right to self-determination.  

The Minister said stability and continuity of democracy in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. He said Afghanistan provides a key route to Pakistan to Central Asian Republics. He said the Prime Minister has openly discussed all such issues with US President Barack Obama.

Pervaiz Rashid said Pakistan's viewpoint was given due importance during Prime Minister's visit to the United States.

Senator Nehal Hashmi said: “Pakistan has been badly affected by the menace of terrorism and successfully fighting a war against terrorism. USA could provide the funds against Coalition Support Funds in order to compensate the financial expenses this war. Nation, government and armed forces are on one page to eradicate the menace of terrorism from our motherland. India has been involved in unprovoked firing on LoC and the Working Boundary and terrorist activities in Pakistan. Many innocent civilians have been killed so far as a result of Indian firing. PM Mian Nawaz Sharif visited India in order to improve the relation with neighbor country but India has never responded in a positive manner. Pakistan has always supported peace and prosperity in the region especially Afghanistan. USA has confessed that Pakistan’s nuclear program is safe and secure and is just for self defense.”

Analyst Dr. Sarfraz Khan said: “Prime Minister during his visit to USA has mainly focused on to improve Pak-US bilateral trade relations. Meanwhile, cooperation in defense sector also came under discussion. America may give eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan as a support in defense sector. United States also expressed willingness to give 9 million USD against Coalition Support Fund. US also agreed to support Pakistan in science and power sectors. Prime Minister has handed over the evidences of Indian involvement in Pakistan. USA asked Pakistan to play its role for peace in Afghanistan because USA realized that Pakistan’s role in this regard is mandatory. PM requested US to play its role in reducing Pak-India tension and resolving Kashmir dispute. India is a democratic country and a big trade market but Narendra Modi is leading an extremist Hindu party at the time.”

IR expert Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan said: “PM’s visit to United States in current circumstances is vital. PM discussed Indian aggression on LoC and the Working Boundary and violation of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Michelle Obama in a joint address with Maryam Nawaz announced 7 billion USD for improvement of education system in Pakistan. USA agreed to support Pakistan in different sectors including Defense cooperation, education system, power sector etc. USA needs Pakistan’s support for peace in Afghanistan after withdrawal of NATO forces. USA has realized that without the support of Pakistan peace in Afghanistan could not be dreamed. Obama wants Pakistan to play its role as facilitator in peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban.”

Defense analyst Lt Gen (Retd) Amjad Shoaib said: “Our stance regarding Narendra Modi is very clear that he is the leader of extremist Hindu party. He is supporting Hindu Extremist Party named Shiv Sena. A former Indian General V K Singh has allegedly using “casteist” and “inhumane” remarks while attempting to delink the Central Government from the murder of two Dalit children in Haryana. India has been continuously violating LoC and the Working Boundary for the last many years and also involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Pakistan has been successfully fighting a war against terrorism and killed many Indian trained terrorists that is why India is in the state of frustration.”

IR expert Dr. Shaheen Akhtar said: “PM has highlighted the main issue of Indian aggression on LoC and the Working Boundary in his meeting with President Obama which is a positive development. Pakistan has been playing a vital role in regional peace. Pakistan wants to resolve all outstanding issues with India through dialogue but India has been adopting a rigid attitude in this regard. Modi’s government has been working on anti-Pakistan agenda. Narendra Modi and his cabinet have been unable to deliver to people of India rather focusing only on negative policies against Pakistan. Pakistan’s image has been improved in front of the international community. Pakistan’s effort for peace and eradication of terrorism from the region is highly appreciated world-wide.”

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