Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid has said Kashmir is a corner stone of Pakistan's policy.

Speaking in a Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel programme on Sunday, he said Pakistan extends moral, political, and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir in their struggle to achieve their birth right to self-determination.  

The Minister said stability and continuity of democracy in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. He said Afghanistan provides a key route to Pakistan to Central Asian Republics. He said the Prime Minister has openly discussed all such issues with US President Barack Obama.

Pervaiz Rashid said Pakistan's viewpoint was given due importance during Prime Minister's visit to the United States.

Earlier, in a statement Minister for Information and Broadcasting has said democratic government is determined to ensure complete transparency in elections.

He said independent observers play an important role in ensuring transparent elections. 

The Minister said election observers monitor polling to check any kind of mismanagement or rigging. He said observers' opinion also proves helpful in electoral reforms.

Pervaiz Rashid asked the Election Commission to facilitate election observers to ensure for transparency in election.


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