Kashmiris on both sides of Line of Control and all over the world will observe Indian Republic Day tomorrow (Sunday) as Black Day.

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar programme of Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel on Saturday‚ APHC leader Ashraf Saraf said: “Kashmiris will observe Indian Republic Day as Black day because New Delhi government had snatched their right of self-determination by force. India has been trying to suppress the Kashmiris through brutal use of force since long. Kashmiris want to invite the attention of international community towards human rights violations committed by the Indian security forces in the held territory. The United Nations has failed to fulfill its responsibilities regarding the right of self-determination to Kashmiris.”

Taking part in the programme‚ analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said: “Kashmiris have been observing 26 January as Black Day since 1950‚ when the constitution of India was passed and the country was declared as Republic. By observing India’s Republic Day as Black Day‚ Kashmiris want to give message to the world that New Delhi should give right of self-determination to Kashmiris as promised by United Nations Security Council.  India should grant right of self-determination to Kashmiri people in line with UN Security Council resolutions. India wants to maintain its hegemony in the region and does not want to resolve the Kashmir issue. More than 9‚500 Kashmiri women have been molested by Indian security forces in Indian-held Kashmir.”

Talking about governments’ efforts to maintain good trade ties with its neighbourly countries‚ economist Dr. Sabour Ghayyur said: “Regional trade is very important for the development of business activities. Doing trade with the regional countries is in the interest of Pakistan. India has over 1 billion population‚ and Pakistani exporters will get a market of 1 billion people. There is a need to minimize non-trade barriers on Pakistani exports to India. Pakistan has very good relations with China. Pakistan can provide trade link to China and other countries for the export of their goods. Pakistan can earn one billion US dollars by providing trade corridor to regional countries. Pakistan can increase its exports to Central Asian countries.”

In his comments‚ Dr. Muhammad Khan told Radio Pakistan: “Gwadar port can act as bridge between Central Asia‚ East Asia and Gulf. It has very important strategic location for the promotion of regional trade. Gwadar port can serve as trade corridor for the entire region.”

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