Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great personality of previous century. The global community has also acknowledged the leadership qualities of the Quaid. The blessing of living in an independent state was made possible by the day and night hard work of the Quaid. We have to follow the principles of Unity, Faith and Disciple to make Pakistan stronger. Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam. The two-nation theory is the basis of this state. All the citizens of Pakistan must contribute with unity for development of the country. People from all different religions under inter-religious harmony are working together for prosperity and development of the country. Quaid e Azam wanted to have a bias free society in Pakistan. Muslims need to progress through acquiring modern knowledge. We will have to eliminate hatred and live with the passion of love and sacrifice with one another. 

Host: Dr. Shoaib

Live Reports from Provinces:

  1. Altaf Pirzado- Radio Pakistan Karachi
  2. Amin Mishwani- Radio Pakistan Quetta
  3. Lutf-Ur-Rehman- Radio Pakistan Peshawar
  4. Sher Muhammad- Radio Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan
  5. Rubi Imtiaz- Radio Pakistan Lahore

Analysts on Phone: 

Sardar Muhammad Yusuf- Minister of Religious Affairs

Dr. Miftah Ismail- Special Assistant to PM

Lt. Gen. Rtd. Abdul Qayum- Senator PML (N)

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