Friday, 14 August 2020, 06:54:30 pm
War against Coronavirus: High time to get united and make combine efforts to defeat pandemic
March 25, 2020

Kanwal Shauzab (Ledaer PTI): It is high time for the opposition parties to coordinate with the government and help in making combine efforts to fight with unprecedented challenge. The Incumbent government is taking concrete steps to safe guard the lives of people. The elected representatives should visit their areas and highlight the actual situation to meet the need of the indigenous communities. Covid-19 has emerged as a global challenge and we have to be vigilant enough to face any situation. Unfortunately the previous governments did not take efficient steps to improve the health care sector to fight with any epidemic. I appeal to the religious scholars to sensitize the general public regarding the sensitivity of the situation and convince the citizens to take all precautionary measures to save their lives and the lives of their families. We should ask for forgiveness from Almighty. The Prime Minister is monitoring every Coronavirus related development closely and he rightly said that complete lockdown is not in the best interest of the general public. The public should not get panic and support the government in its efforts to fight corona virus pandemic    

Dr. Alia Hashmi (Economist):It is appreciable that the government is dealing very sensibly with the Covid-19 challenge. It is high time to get united and make combine efforts and put aside the political differences to deal with the current situation. The incumbent government is willing to acknowledge every single suggestion which is in the best interest of the nation. It is appreciable that the Prime Minister has announced relief package for the poor segments of the society, however a transparent and comprehensive plan is imperative to ensure that relief and financial assistance have been passed on to the target groups successfully. The social protection programs are highly imperative to lessen the burden of poor and labor class. 

Dr. Mirza Ikhtyar Baig (Economist):It is appreciable that despite having limited resources and tough circumstances, the incumbent government has taken extraordinary measures to facilitate the industrialists and businessman community. The prime Minister has also announced financial package to support the daily wagers in wake of Covid-19 pandemic. It is a good omen that government is highly concerned with labor class and poor segments of the country. The government's step to involve business community into decision making process is appreciable. The relief package would facilitate the poor population in the time of need    

Dr. Waseem Khwaja (PIMS spokesperson):The incumbent government is taking all measures to facilitate the general public in containing the spread of Coronavirus. The general public should follow the advisories and instructions of the relevant authorities and take preventive measures to stay safe. It is an allergy season in Pakistan and corona virus should not be mixed with normal flue, cough and fever. I appeal to the citizens not to visit the hospitals unnecessary and inform the authorities only if experience corona symptoms. The government took timely actions and established quarantine and isolation centers to facilitate the maximum corona virus effected patients