Friday, 07 August 2020, 05:50:55 am
Precautionary measures only panacea to prevent spread of Coronavirus
March 25, 2020

Taking precautionary measures are the only panacea to prevent spread of Coronavirus and protect other people from falling prey to this pandemic.

Social distancing, diligent hand washing, particularly after touching surfaces in public, use of hand sanitizer, covering the cough or sneeze, and use of masks are the preventive measures, which should be ensured to fight the virus. Avoiding crowds, close contact with ill individuals, handshakes, and hugs are also helpful in protecting the mankind from the disease.

The health care experts also recommend the people to avoid non-essential travels and gatherings, use pens for switching on lights in common areas and lift buttons, refrain from keeping patients files on the bed, and use gloves.


(Akram/Abdul Rehman)