The under-mentioned candidates have been selected to the post of Broadcast Technician in PBC and the letters of offer of appointment have been sent at their mailing addresses. They are required to join their duties at the respective place of posting. If they did not join their duties, their offer of appointment will be liable to be cancelled.

S.# Name Father’s name Domicile Place of posting
1 Muhammad Rizwan Muhammad Yousaf Punjab HPT, PBC, Mirpur
2 Ali Asad Zahid Mahmood Punjab PBC, Mirpur
3 Muhammad Farhad Muhammad Shafique Punjab FM-101, PBC, Sialkot
4 Sajjad Hussain Allah Diwaya Punjab HPT, PBC, Multan
5 Muhammad Irfan Muhammad Fakhar Ullah Punjab HPT, PBC, Multan
6 Muhammad Awais Shoukat Ali Punjab PBC, BH, Lahore
7 Sheraz Khan Shams Ur Rehman Punjab HPT, PBC, Faqeerabad
8 Muhammad Faizan Raza Muhammad Irshad Ali Punjab HPT, PBC, Faqeerabad
9 Rashid Sarfraz Sarfraz Ali Punjab HPT, PBC, Faqeerabad

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