Pakistan successfully test fires 2200 km range ballistic missile (Ababeel), capable of carrying conventional and un-conventional warheads

Pakistan has successfully test fired surface to surface Ababeel missile having the range of twenty-two hundred kilometers. Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa has congratulated scientists and Pakistan armed forces over their landmark achievement. President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have also felicitated the nation, armed forces and scientists over the successful test of the missile. They described the missile test as an important move to maintain balance of power in the region. They appreciated the hard work put in by engineers of the Pakistan Military and commended their efforts for development of indigenous missile technology.

Analysts live on Phone:

Maj. Retd. Tahir Iqbal (Leader, PML-N):

India is our longstanding enemy. It asserted, at the time of partition, that Pakistan will rejoin India in few years. However, all its claims and dreams could not be materialized. Just to destabilize Pakistan and hinder its progress, India talks about surgical strikes, instigates separatists in Baluchistan and blames Pakistan for terrorist activities in the region. CPEC is developing with phenomenal pace, many countries including Iran and Russia are willing to join it and trade activities in Pakistan will also gain momentum after its completion. We are building our defence capabilities to ensure security of the country.

Brig. Retd. Haris Nawaz (Defence Analyst):

It is a great gift for Pakistani nation and must be appreciated. Indian force deployed in Kashmir is equal to Pakistan’s total force, which necessitates a strong defence on the part of Pakistan . Few days back, Pakistan did an experiment in sea, which has increased Indian worries. It is important that Pakistan maintains minimum possible deterrence to counter Indian aggressive designs . In economic terms, Pakistan will make significant improvement in near future.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema (Defence Analyst):

Full spectrum deterrence means that Pakistan has all types of weapons including missiles, nuclear weapons and non-conventional weapons. Initially Pakistan had short range missiles only. Then, sea based experiment was executed by Pakistan . This new experimented missile can hit many targets at the same time. This is an important and successful test conducted by Pakistan . Pakistan has successfully maintained balance of power against India.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (Defence Analyst): 

Basically, Pakistan does not have any aggressive designs in the region. It has been playing its role for peace and development of the region since the day one. However, it has faced hegemonic behavior from its neighboring country, i.e., India. This missile test is positive news for our defence. No one can claim perfection in the system of any country. There may be issues and problems in Pakistan but it has produced some amazingly wonderful minds. They have performed and achieved astonishing successes in diverse fields of life.

Host: Dr. Shoaib Ahmad

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