Green tea prevents an increase of sugar level in blood while the fermented pawpaw helps to reduce uric acid.

Researchers at the Mauritius University suggest that green tea and fermented pawpaw are preventive means for diabetes and positively reduce the level of the reactive protein C and the uric acid.

The researchers asked 77 participants who had reached a pre-diabetic stage to drink three cups of green tea before meals for 14 weeks.

It was discovered that green tea reinforced the antioxidant defenses of those who had reached the pre-diabetic stage.

Researcher said that those who consumed two sachets of fermented pawpaw showed several positive changes vis-a-vis the diabetes risk factors.

The results further showed that when taken in small doses‚ the fermented pawpaw could help in the promotion of oral hygiene.

Researchers said that the results are very significant because they show reduction of risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases without medical intervention.

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