Former Ambassador Mushtaq Ahmed Mehr says Pakistan and Turkey have historic relations even before the independence of Pakistan.

Speaking in ‘Aaj Ki Khabar’ progrmame on Tuesday night‚ he said the current international politics economic and business relations between the two countries are very important. He said the basic objective of current visit of Turkish Prime Minister is aimed at enhancing political and business relations with Pakistan. He said Turkey is facing shortage of manpower; Turkey can import trained technical manpower from Pakistan as Turkey is facing shortage of manpower. Pakistan can get benefit from the experience of Turkey in the energy sector. There are vast opportunities for the Turkish investors in Pakistan.

Former Ambassador Nazar Abbas said Turkish people still remember the role of Pakistani Muslims played for the independence of Turkey. He said Turkey has made remarkable development during the last three decades. He said Turkish investors can invest in telecommunication‚ energy‚ transport‚ motorway‚ oil exploration and infra structure development sectors of Pakistan.  


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