Speaking in Radio Pakistan's programme Nuqta-e-Nazar, Dr. Gulfaraz (Energy Expert): “Traditional trade is still going on between Pakistan and Afghanistan through Torkham and Chaman borders. Afghanistan–Pakistan relations refer to the bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now both the countries have agreed to increase the trade volume up to five billion dollars till 2017. Pakistan has been focusing on to improve road infrastructure under China Pakistan Economic Corridor that will result in improvement in trade relations with Afghanistan to a great extent. Smooth, vast and transparent road will result in transportation of goods with more ease. There are some hurdles in bilateral relations of both these countries. Being the neighbor countries both Pakistan and Afghanistan should support each other in war against terrorism and regional peace.” 

Dr. Sarfraz Khan (Senior Analyst): “Afghanistan will be an emerging trade hub in near future. At this time, all the regional trade is being carried out through Afghanistan. Afghanistan will also be benefitted through Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project as it is also a partner of this project. In energy sector, both Pakistan and Afghanistan need to support each other. Pakistan could also get the benefit of reduced petroleum prices in international market and import petrol in the country in order to produce cheap electricity. As far as, LNG is concerned it is much cheaper as compared to petroleum and could be vital for production of cheap electricity in the country. Keeping in view the serious efforts made by present government, we are very much hopeful that energy crisis in the country will soon be overcome.” 

Dr. Tauseef Akhtar (Economist): “Growth rate has been increased because of the prudent economic policies of the present government. I am pleased that both Pakistan and Afghanistan has decided to increase the trade volume up to 5 billion dollars till 2017. It is positive development for improving bilateral and trade relation between both these countries. Road infrastructure play a vital role in progress and development of a country and present government of Pakistan has been mainly focusing on it which is positive gesture. The meeting discussed projects relating to trade, energy, railways and roads. The Commission considered linking Chaman with Kandahar and Peshawar with Jalalabad through rail. It also exchanged views to increase trade volume between the two countries. Afghanistan is an exporter of dry fruits whereas Pakistan exports fruits to Afghanistan. Pakistan could support Afghanistan to improve its economy. Afghan government should support Pakistan in certain aspects to bring peace and prosperity in the region.” 

Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig (Industrialist): “Regional trade is at its peak at this time. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and other countries of the region have been taking keen interest to improve trade relations with Pakistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to achieve the target of 5 billion dollars trade till 2017 which is very much achievable. Certain development will be made on Torkham and Jalalabad border for bilateral trade. Many countries have expressed their confidence on prudent economic policies of our government. Constitution of Pak-Afghanistan Joint Economic Commission is a positive development is a positive development that will promote trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.” 

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