Sadiq Garh Palace Is a Historical asset Of Pakistan . This Palace was Residence Of Nawab Sir Sadiq Khan Abbasi Khamis. This Palace Is Unique Art Of Construction . This Palace was established in 1882 by His Highness Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (IV). This Palace was constructed under the supervision of expert engineers with a cost of fifteen lac rupees. The work of construction almost continued ten years. After the completion of the palace it was inaugurated in the presence of a majestic court.

Many famous personalities remained guests of this palace; out of which are Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,  Lord Mountbatten, Shah Iran, Z.A Bhutto and many more.

Producer: Muhammad Ashiq Abbasi

Voices: Rizwana Badar

Its a Production of Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur Center.

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