Multan Craft Bazar is the Place where all craftsmen from around this city of saints have come together to make and display the finest hand made crafts. In this mechanical and unsteady age we still find the amazing and soothing handy work from those masterminds. They come under one roof and display the best out of their creative hands. Some finest and handpicked work in all kinds of handmade products is in show here at Multan Craft Bazaar, the place where everlasting Work of these amazing artists is waiting to be extolled in a premium way. The unforgettable pieces of master art and wonderful sense of creativity makes you fall for these admirable artists’s work. 
All together there are 18 various craftsmen and women giving rise to their master pieces in their different and unique way. The fields and theme of work is different but the skill and authenticity of their creativity reflects their genuineness and incredible sense of legitimacy.

Narrator: Qasir Naqvi

Writer: Dr. Maqbool Hassan Gillani

Editing: Yawar Hussain Baqar

Producer Rizwana Tabassum Durrani

Research Pro Dr Maqbool Gillani

It’s a Production of Radio Pakistan Multan Center.

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