U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed had been killed in an American air strike at the weekend. Obama, on a three-day visit to Vietnam, reiterated support for the Western-backed government in Kabul and Afghan security forces, and called on the Taliban to join stalled peace talks. The president authorized the drone strike that killed Mansour in a remote region just on the Pak-Afghanistan border, and Afghan authorities have said the mission was successful.

US drone attack violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty:  Nawaz Sharif

The air strike in the Dalbandin area of Balochistan are  violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty

Response by FO of Pakistan

Pakistan wishes to once again state that the drone attack was a violation of its sovereignty, an issue which has been raised with the United States in the past as well. On 21st May, 2016, the United States shared information that a drone strike was carried out in Pakistan near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area, in which reportedly the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhter Mansoor was targeted. This information was shared with the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff after the drone strike.

Air Marshal (Retd.) Shahid Latif (Defence Analyst) :

"It has gravely affected the peace process. US has been pursuing a dual policy, on the one hand it is trying for peace process but on the other hand US is provoking the other party by aggressive attacks on Taliban leadership. Pakistan is sincerely trying for the peace process to reach a conclusive end. Peace in Afghanistan will ensure peace in our own country. This action of US has raised a big question mark on US policy. Whether US is really sincere for a durable peace in the region? If so, the strike would not have been conducted".

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert):

"This was of course not a time for such a violent action against any faction of TTP as it was critical time now how they will be taken on-board. Pakistan has to be careful for its internal security . A challenging situation is emerging for Pakistan's security . Pakistan is working for Afghan peace . But the law makers of U.S have shut their eyes from the current situation. They have already turned a  blind eye from Pakistan's efforts and they have halted F-16s and military funds. This is an unbalanced approach."

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