Talking to Radio Pakistan’s current affairs programme ‘Nuqta-e-Nazar’‚ senior journalist CR Shamsi termed the Pak-Afghan Joint Economic Commission meeting a significant step‚ but added that both the countries need to improve law and order for stability in the region. He said militants from across the border have carried out a number of attacks inside Pakistan.

Dr. Sabour Ghayour‚ an economist‚ said Pakistan has initiated a number of development projects including schools‚ colleges and universities in Afghanistan for the welfare of the Afghan people. Pakistan has also offered 1000 scholarships to Afghan students.

He said Pakistan can do trade with Central Asian countries via Afghanistan‚ which will also be beneficial for Afghanistan. On the other hand Afghanistan and Central Asian countries can benefit from Pakistan’s seaports.

Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Khan‚ Dean School of Business Studies at NUST‚ said region’s economic development hinges upon peace and stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
“Nearly 3 million Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan. Afghans see Pakistan as their home. There is a need to increase bilateral trade‚” he said.

Commenting on Pakistan Army’s air strikes on militants’ hideouts‚ Dr. Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi of the University of Peshawar said: “When peace talks were initiated with the Taliban‚ many people were optimistic about it. But during the peace talks‚ Taliban carried out a number of attacks on security personnel as well as civilians. They were not serious about the talks.”

He said the state has to establish its writ at all costs.

Taking part in the discussion‚ Mujeeb-ur-Rehman‚ a journalist‚ said air strikes by the armed force of Pakistan are in response to Taliban's terrorist attacks.

He said Pakistan has suffered a lot in war on terror and the government has given ample time to talks.

Talking about Army Chief’s statement that Pakistan’s nuclear program occupies central place in country’s defense‚ journalist Athar Hussain said Pakistan has taken a number of steps for the safety of its nuclear weapons.

He said propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear programme has failed.

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