The Government is implementing short‚ medium and long term strategies to overcome energy crisis in the country.

Despite various challenges‚ including terrorism and law and order‚ resolution of the energy crisis is government's top priority and every effort is being made to ease out the situation.

Official sources say the Tarbela 4th and Tarbela 5th hydropower projects would add 1410 MWs and 1320 MWs electricity respectively to the current existing capacity of Tarbela hydropower units.

With the addition of 2‚730 MWs‚ the total capacity of Tarbela hydropower project would surge to 6‚208 MWs. The sources said the 4th extension hydropower project would be completed in a short span of three and half years with the financial help of World Bank.

The Government is also negotiating with World Bank to provide funding for the 5th Tarbela Extension power project. The 4th Extension Hydropower Project would contribute 4 billion units of low-cost hydel electricity annually to the national grid.

The project is part of the government's least cost energy generation plan. On the directive of the Prime Minister‚ the Ministry of Water and Power is making earnest efforts to increase the hydel share in energy mix‚ which would not only reduce power tariff but also provide relief to the common man.

The sources added that 425 MWs Nandipur power project would start generation of electricity this year.

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