A high level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad on Tuesday expressed the resolve to ensure swift and effective implementation of the approved action plan on counter-terrorism.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e Nazar program analyst Dr. Z.A Hilali said:“The terrorist attacks have started form 2011 and expended with the passage of time. Pakistan Army is continuously in war against terrorism and conducting several operations in different Tribal Areas of Pakistan. There are also foreign elements involved in terrorism. Security forces have recovered the Indian ammunition from terrorists. Some countries want to destabilize Pakistan through terrorism. A consensus against terrorism has emerged after the Peshawar incident in Pakistan. All political and military forces are united against terrorism. We have rendered huge sacrifices in war against terrorism. We need a strong counter terrorism policy to overcome this problem. Terrorists use religious parties as their shield which is not good. Religious leaders should condemn the terrorist activities and distance them from this terrorist mindset.”

Senior journalist Shamim Shahid said:“Peshawar incident is condemnable and worse incident in the history of Pakistan. Peshawar incident has induced unity within the nation. All political leaders reached in front of army public school Peshawar to express solidarity with martyrs. The entire nation is in grief on this incident. The mindset of nation has changed now and masses are united against the terrorism and want the elimination of all terrorists from the country. The execution of death sentences of terrorists is very important step against the terrorism.”

Analyst Dr. Huma Baqai  said:“General public is very much clear on this point that terrorists are the major threat to our country. Some political forces are scoring number on this issue which is condemnable. The stance of Maulana Abdul Aziz is condemnable and government should take action against these elements. Present situation demands us complete unity against the terrorism. The visit of Army Chief to Afghanistan is also very significant. He gave the strong massage to Afghan administration that Pakistan will not tolerated any cross border terrorist activity in future. Pakistan is fully capable to retaliate on any such intervention.”

Senior journalist Nawaz Raza said: “After the Peshawar incident government and opposition has become on the same page. They decided to take strict action against the terrorists. Nation should help the government and security forces in the operation against terrorism. There are several reasons of terrorism in Pakistan. Afghan refugees are also a big challenge for the Pakistan. We cannot send them back because of unstable conditions in Afghanistan. A specific religious mindset also promoted the militancy in the country. We need to unite stance against terrorism. Nation should support Pakistan army because without the moral support of security forces the success in operation is not possible.

Legal expert Barrister Zafar Ullah said:“This is a condemnable incident and there is no religion in the world which has allowed terrorism. Killing of innocent children and teachers is not tolerable. We need a strong security policy and prompt implementation on this policy. Government should take serious action against the terrorism. The speedy and safe execution of terrorists is also very important for the elimination of terrorism. Government should give full security to the witnesses and judges. Nation stands united behind the Pakistan army. A strict legislation to regulate the foreign funding is strongly needed. Government should take advantage to the present political unity and make legislation against terrorists.

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad said: “The law and order is the basic responsibility of the state. Our government is committed towards the elimination of the terrorism from the country. Prime Minister is directly supervising the policy making process to counter the terrorism. We will eliminate the terrorism from the country through the help of nation and security forces. We need strong legislation against the terrorism and we are ready for the legislation. If present laws are not working well then government will replace these laws through parliament. Joint session of the parliament could be summoned immediately if such a need arises.”

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