The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet has approved in Principle the signing of Master Agreement and Power Purchase Agreement of CASA-1000 Project subject to approval by Central Development Working Party.

The meeting of the Committee was held in Islamabad today with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the chair.

The ECC discussed and approved the import of 100,000 tons of Urea Fertilizer for Kharif season 2015 and enhanced imported supply of 82,000 tons approximately under SABIC facility within the earlier allocated amount.

It allowed agreement between EAD and SABIC in order to ensure timely arrival of urea fertilizer for the Kharif season 2015.

The Chair also directed that steps should be taken to improve domestic production of Urea which could help cut down the country's import bill. 

The ECC also approved the release of two months' salary amounting one billion rupees for the employees of the Pakistan Steel Mills.

ECC allowed the export of wheat on Government-to-Government basis to other countries on the same condition as approved by ECC on January 23, 2015 where it gave permission to Sindh and Punjab to export 0.40 million tons and 0.8 million tons of wheat with a transport rebate of $45 and $ 55 M/ton respectively, but the transactions were allowed only through private exporters.

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