Saturday, 15 August 2020, 01:49:42 pm
Satellite network formed to continuously monitor flood situation in east China
July 23, 2020

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The National Satellite Ocean Application Service has used the HY-1C, HY-1D and Gaofen-3 satellite network to conduct continuous monitoring of the flood situation along Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake, in the eastern province of Jiangxi.

According to Science and Technology Daily said network formed by the three satellites can receive flood data two times every three days. Since June 17, the NSOAS has processed more than 40 scenes of image data.

The image compositions were sent to emergency management authorities and flood control headquarters of the province to be used in rebuilding efforts.

The HY-1C and HY 1-D satellites can receive high-quality data in high frequency. The water conditions under the surface of the Poyang Lake basin can also be clearly monitored, said the newspaper.

HY-1D was sent into orbit on June 11. The satellite network formed by HY-1C and HY-1D can conduct rapid, large-scale monitoring of ocean, coastal zone, land and water resources.