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High time to pursue effective foreign policy to maintain sound ties with European Union: Analysts
June 23, 2019

Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert):

It is need of the hour to attract international investors and pursue effective foreign policy to maintain sound ties with Europe. Pakistan is heading towards the right direction in order to improve its economic situation. Pakistan is emerging as an important regional player .China is our strategic partner and we are also on improving our ties with Russia. On the other hand, India has tried its level best to isolate Pakistan on the basis of erroneous and false allegations of sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan.

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (IR Expert):

Pakistan has an opportunity to improve its ties with European countries and utilize this relation in order to improve strategic and economic position at international front. The global structure of politics is changing and United States has failed to maintain its influence on global affairs. Pakistan can facilitate European Union in resolving the issue of transnational terrorism and illegal migration as Pakistan has vast experience of eradicating terrorism in its limited resources.

Dr. A.Z Hilali (Defense Analyst):

Pakistan has given a gesture that Pakistan will continue its efforts for prosperous Afghanistan. Islamabad is committed to facilitate Afghan reconciliation process and has clear stance that we are always ready to endorse every initiative taken for Afghan peace. Afghan soil should not used for malicious designs to destabilize peace in Pakistan. One sided efforts are not sufficient, collective efforts are required to sustain durable peace in war torn country. Despite limited resources Pakistan is doing appreciable efforts for sustainable development in Afghanistan with. Pakistan needs stable Afghanistan for the success of CPEC, peace and political stability. Islamabad’s operational and communicative cooperation for Afghan peace has also been acknowledged and appreciated at international level.

Dr. Farhat Haq (IR Expert):

There is no doubt that extremism has taken roots under Modi regime in India. The minorities in India are living in horrible condition and constant security threats. It is appreciable that the U.S State Department has issued a report exposing Indian gross human rights violations in India. Growing intolerance in India is an eye opener for global community.

Dr. Talat Wazarat (IR Expert):

United States has deliberately folded a blind eye towards grave human rights violations committed by Indian government. The United States has its own interests and agenda in the region and wants to use India to counter China’s increasing influence. The minorities in India are living in worst living conditions. It is responsibility of the world to come forward and make instantaneous efforts to stop worst human rights violations committed by racist Indian government.