Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah has said the government is making efforts to cope with the negative impact of climate change in Pakistan.

In a statement in Islamabad, the Minister warned that global warming will increase land degradation and desertification in countries like Pakistan, where over eighty percent of the land mass is arid.

He said the climate change is also likely to increase water logging and salinity, and incidence of insect, pest and disease attacks.

He stressed the need of developing mechanism to manage and store summer water overflows and said construction of new reservoirs is critical for agriculture.

Senator Mushahidullah urged farmers to adopt high irrigation efficiency systems, methods and techniques on farm. He said introduction and promotion of short duration crop varieties for both summer and winter season crops are inevitable to ensure food security of the country.

Mushahidullah Khan expressed concern that the country's forest cover is shrinking fast because of deforestation and tree-cutting activities, which is affecting environment.


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