The United States thinks there needs to be a political dialogue, in the face of marches by Opposition parties in Islamabad, and it also favors peaceful expression of view, the State Department stated. 

"We are monitoring the demonstration. Obviously, we think there should be a space in Pakistan for peaceful expression of view", Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said in reply to a question at the daily Press briefing. 

The US, she said, is watching the developments and reiterated opposition to any extra-constitutional steps. "But we do think that there needs to be peaceful dialogue and no attempt to change Pakistan's government through extra-constitutional attempts". 

The spokesperson noted that "Nawaz Sharif is prime minister" and that the U.S. will keep working with him as it works with a number of people in Pakistan. Responding to a question, she stressed the U.S. is not involved in any internal Pakistani political discussions. 

"We are in no way involved in the process of discussion between the parties. Any suggestion to the contrary is completely false", she added.

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