Pakistan has strongly condemned the terrorist attack on a military base in Balkh province in Afghanistan, which   in the loss of precious lives. In a statement, the Foreign Office reiterated strong condemnation of terrorism in all forms and manifestations. The statement reaffirmed Pakistan`s commitment to work closely with the Afghan Government and the international community in the fight against the scourge of terrorism. It extended heartfelt sympathies and deepest condolences to the government and the people of Afghanistan as well as to the bereaved families.


Death toll in Afghan base attack rises to 140, Afghan Officials

As many as 140 Afghan soldiers were killed on Friday by Taliban attackers apparently disguised in military uniforms in what would be the deadliest attack ever on an Afghan military base, officials said. The Defense Ministry said the toll was "over 100" Afghan soldiers killed and wounded. One official in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, where the attack occurred, said on Saturday at least 140 soldiers were killed and many others wounded.Other officials said the toll was likely to be even higher.The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the government has yet to release exact casualty figures.

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Brig. Retd. Said Nazeer (Defence Analyst):

As for as Afghanistan issue is concerned, there are many stakeholders in this issue. The solution of Afghanistan problem lies in negotiations. The killings and casualties on both sides in Afghanistan are tragic. Pakistan supports Afghanistan led and owned peace process. Pakistan, China and Russia want peaceful solution of Afghanistan problem.

Topic: Hypocratic attitude of the World, so called greater democracy unfolds-Intl Media depicted the true face of Indian occupation forces by highlighting their atrocities on innocent Kashmirirs in Indian Held Kashmir

U.S leading newspaper NY Times says “it’s the violation of human rights & it shows the Cruelty and Cowardice of Indian leadership”. Members of India’s armed forces reached a new low in the long history of alleged human rights abuses in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir when they beat and then tied a 24-year-old shawl weaver named Farooq Ahmad Dar to the front of a jeep on April 9, using him as a human shield against stone-throwing crowds. As the jeep drove through villages, Mr. Dar said, “I saw people breaking into tears on seeing my state.”The incident, which came to light when a video spread on social media, provides a gauge of an insurgency that has waxed and waned over nearly three decades in Kashmir. Unrest surged last July after Burhan Muzaffar Wani, a charismatic, 22-year-old freedom fighter, was martyred by Indian security forces. The police responded by firing on protesters with pellet guns, killing scores and injuring thousands, many of whom were blinded by pellets lodged in their eyes.The abuse of Mr. Dar occurred the day Kashmiris voted to fill a seat in the local Srinagar assembly. Following a call by freedom fighters to boycott the election, only 7 percent of local Kashmiri voters turned out to vote, a low not seen in 27 years. Eight people were killed amid reports of widespread violence. A new vote was held on April 13, but only 2 percent of voters showed up.

Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema (IR Expert):

It is a matter of satisfaction that international media is picking up news about India atrocities in Kashmir. International community is getting true picture of what is happening in Kashmir through media. There is good chance that it will develop sympathetic attitude in global community. It will pressurize India to resolve Kashmir issue.

Another U.S Daily “Washington Post” says

Continuity of Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir to jeopardize Indian democracy

US daily The Washington Post says the Indian democracy will face a crushing blow if brutalities of Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir continue.In its editorial, the newspaper said the occupation forces have reached unprecedented levels of human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir.The newspaper said brutal military tactics will feed more despair and militancy. It will not only perish the dream of peace in the held territory but Indian democracy will also lose its credibility.

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