Friday, 22 November 2019, 10:41:32 am
Qatari Emir’s visit to boost economic ties: Analysts
June 22, 2019

BA Malik (IR Expert):

The possible economic partnership between Qatar and Pakistan will bring very positive impacts on economy and would attract more international investors. Opposition should restrain from pulling legs of the government. Pakistan is facing the consequences of unnecessary debts and wrong economic policies of the previous governments. The United States role has always been suspicious in global politics. Incumbent government is pursuing a very balanced foreign policy. We can counter all external and internal challenges with unity and hard work.

A.Z.Hilali (IR Expert):

Pakistan has always endorsed every initiative taken for Afghan peace process. Kabul government must realize that road to Peace in Afghanistan passes through Pakistan. Islamabad has always played a very positive and constructive role for Afghan peace. Pakistan has clear stance that peace in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. We are always ready to facilitate Afghan peace process. The United States has its own political interest and hegemonic agenda in the region.

Fouzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador):

It is appreciable that incumbent government is taking corrective measures in order to improve current economic situation of the country. Qatar is taking keen interest in finding diverse business avenues for possible investment in Pakistan. It is a golden opportunity to generate massive job market for unemployed skilled youth of the country. Pakistan can play a significant role to deescalate tensions between regional rivalries. It is need of the hour to resolve all outstanding issues peacefully and move forward for regional prosperity. Harmonious ties between regional countries are imperative to strengthen economic outlook of the region.

Mushtaq Ahmed Mehr (IR Expert):

It is highly important that we enjoy cordial relation with gulf countries. The Visit of Qatari ameer is highly beneficial for Pakistan and it will further strengthen bilateral ties between Qatar and Pakistan. The emphasis of the visit is economic cooperation between two countries. The incumbent government is very ambitious to put the country on the path of economic prosperity. Pakistan has great potential to invest in the field of oil, manufacturing, tourism, live stock and food processing.