Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal says All Political forces are united against terrorism.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e-Nazar program he said: ”In today’s meeting leadership reviewed the internal and external security situation, specially the PAF Badaber incident was discussed during the meeting .Leadership showed their commitment to stamp out terrorism from the country. It is a massage for the terrorists and their facilitators that our moral is high and we will fight against them till the last breath of life. Pakistan has very clear stance regarding formal talks with India, which are not possible without including Kashmir issue on agenda. We will take up the issue of terrorism on all available forums including the United Nations. We have solid proves of Indian involvement in Pakistan to support terrorism and we will take up this issue at international level.”

Defence analyst Major General (R) Athar Abbas said: “Some corners of the country are doing unjustified criticism on law enforcement agencies because of recent attack on Badaber Airbase which are baseless and against the interest of the country. One thing is crystal clear that the complete elimination of terrorism will take more time and it will be finished gradually. The law and order situation of the country is now improved after the successful operation Zarb-e-Azb in first stage. Our forces have curbed the terrorism in a professional manner and the backbone of their network has been broken. Our country also working to improve border management but Afghan government is not cooperating with us in this regard . It is the duty of Afghanistan to protect its border from terrorists but it is not showing such commitment as the time need . Badaber attack was a major terrorist assault against Pakistani forces and terrorists have the support from Kabul. There is a strong need to destroy terrorist’s hideouts in Afghanistan for the maintenance of sustainable peace in the region.”

Defence analyst Brigadier Mehmood Shah said: “A high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad on Monday discussed security and overall law and order situation in the country. The meeting reviewed overall security situation with particular reference to the terrorist attack on Badaber PAF Camp and sharing of evidences with Afghanistan in this regard. The meeting also up held that this attack was planned in Afghanistan, which is quite unfortunate. In fact, some international players want to destabilize Pakistan by using Afghanistan and we need to aware about the latest developments at international level. The role of Indian spy agency RAW should be finished in the country because it is working behind the terrorism.”

Defence analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said: “Pakistan always works for the maintenance of peace in the region and facilitated Afghanistan in its development but some pro Indian factors of Afghanistan are against the friendly bilateral relations of both countries. These factors are directly received guideline from New Deli. Afghanistan should realize this thing that we are paying huge sacrifices for the sake of peace in the region but in response they are promoting the terrorism, which is intolerable. The Badaber attack has showed the frustration of the terrorists because the killing of some innocent people in mosque during prayers is not an act of bravery. India and Afghanistan should keep in mind that our forces are fully prepared to retaliate any type of aggression. Both Kabul and New Deli are failed in their nefarious agenda so far.

Expert, international Affairs Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal said: “We can see the lack of commitment in border management from Afghanistan side and it is due to Indian involvement in Afghanistan. Our forces are fully committed against the terrorism and they are doing well against the internal and external threats. Although, the terrorists have huge foreign backing and funding but our forces will finish them by the passage of time. The coordination between Army Chief and Prime Minister is quite significant for the elimination of terrorism from the country because we need unity against the terrorism.

Director of Area Studies, Peshawar University Dr. Sarfraz Khan said: “The civil and military leadership is on same page against terrorism. The whole nation is supporting the operation against terrorism and stand united with Pakistan Army. It is very clear that the operation Zarb-e-Azb will be continued till the elimination of last terrorist from the country. Some international stakeholders want to disturb the peaceful relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan by using Afghan land against Pakistan. These factors should be curbed with iron hands because they are working on the agenda to sabotage the peace efforts in the region. We realize the internal situation of Afghanistan but it is the duty of Kabul to stop the use of its land against the Pakistan. The intelligence sharing between Pakistan and Afghanistan is quite significant for the elimination of terrorism from the region.”

Security analyst Dr. A.Z Hilali said: “The attack on air force base was well planned and well organized and it is very clear that the Indian spy agency RAW was involved in this attack. They used Afghan land against Pakistan and our agencies have its solid evidences. India is using Kabul to destabilize Pakistan, which is quite unfortunate. Pakistan always provides unconditional help to Afghanistan for maintenance of peace in their country but Kabul never replay positively. India is supporting ISIS and Taliban to create problems in Pakistan because it wants to stop the ongoing economic activities in Pakistan. Our leadership should take strict notice over Indian involvement in the whole story and should take up this issue on the forum of the United Nations.”

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