Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan has made great achievements on the economic front, and now it is focusing on eradication of terrorism.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan's program, Senator Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said: “The civil and military leadership is fully united against the terrorism. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has clearly stated that there is no room for terrorists in the country whereas the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif has also said that the operation against terrorism will continue till the elimination of last terrorist. The operation Zarb-e-Azb has successfully destroyed the terrorist’s network and around ninety percent area of North Waziristan has been cleared so far.”

Senator Mohsin Aziz said: “The attack on Bacha Khan University is unfortunate and condemnable incident. We need to revisit the National Action Plan to fully curb the menace of terrorism. It is worth mentioning that provision of employment opportunities in the province can help avert the involvement of youth in terrorist activities.” Senator Hafiz Hamdullah said: “The attack on the university is a condemnable incident. The South Asia is being destabilized by international powers. They don’t want peace in the region and backing the terrorism.” Senator Shahi Syed said: “The attack on Bacha Khan University is basically an attack on peace because Bacha Khan was the promoter of nonviolence theory. The students studying in the university are innocent and attack on them is unjustified. Terrorists have no religion they are just killers of humanity. The nation is fully united against terrorism and these types of attacks cannot demoralize the nation. We need to implement the National Action Plan in letter and spirit.”

Senator Rubina Khalid said: “We need to learn the lesson from these types of incidents. Government should eradicate terrorism and also arrest those involved in attack on Bacha Khan University as it is the main demand of families of the martyred students”.

Defence analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said: “The brutal attack on Army Public School Peshawar has united the nation against terrorism. Pakistan army has practically broken the back of terrorist’s network from the country and forced them to surrender. The educational institutions are the soft targets for terrorists and attacks on these institutions shows that terrorists now wanted to divert the attention of security agencies. Pakistan army is now carrying out intelligence based targeted operations against the facilitators in major cities of the country. Today, Prime Minister highlighted the achievements of the country on economic front in the World Economic Forum. The improvement in economy of country is directly related with the law and order situation of the country.”

IR expert Dr. A.Z. Hilali said: “The statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan at World Economic Forum is interesting, exciting and encouraging for that matter. The militants are trying to test the nerves of people of Pakistan. We have shown irreversible motivation and boldness against scourge of terrorism. We have seen national solidarity and security institutions are backing our national resolve to fight against terrorism. The attack on Bacha Khan University Charsadda is inhumane, unethical, barbarous and without any moral reasons. The innocent, defenseless and helpless people were targeted by the terrorists. Now, we need to review our counterterrorism policy. The Prime Minister and COAS are showing their commitment to root out terrorism from our soil once and for all."

Defence analyst Lt. Gen. Retd. Amjad Shoaib said: “The statement of the Prime Minister at World Economic Forum is bold and we should apprise international community about our efforts in war against terrorism. Pakistan is still being portrayed as terrorist state by propagandists, which needs to be countered at all forums. In the backdrop of Charsadda incident, PM has mentioned all sufferings of Pakistan vigorously. The international community should pressurize US to change its policy of backing terrorist outfits in various parts of the globe. We have shown willingness to cooperate with regional countries in fight against terrorism, which must be reciprocated by major actors of the region including India.”

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