Chairperson National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting Marvi Memon has called for a consultative body for best utilization of the media under the present circumstances.

She was speaking at the launching ceremony of the second edition of the book on "Report and Recommendations of the Media Commission appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan 2013" in Islamabad this evening.

Marvi Memon said that the consultative forum will not only help to manage media in the war against terrorism in a better way but also help media win for Pakistan. He said under the current situation the role of media has become more critical.

She said that we are in the mid of war and most of us openly talk about this war. She said a unanimous narrative has been built against terrorism as a result of the national tragedy of Peshawar.

Marvi Memon said that print and electronic media need to implement the existing legislation. She said for legislation in the social media, Cyber Crime Bill has been introduced in the Parliament.

Chairperson National Assembly Standing Committee said that the Committee has published a Special Report on strengthening the role of media in combating terrorism.

She said that a legal review group is working to review the existing media regulations and after the completion of the review, the report on this will be made public.    

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