There is no chance of the worsening of power load shedding as enough furnace oil is available in the stock with the power generation companies.

This assurance was given by a spokesman of the Ministry of Water and Power in Islamabad on Wednesday, while rebutting a misleading news item carried by a section of media that power outages would worsen after fuel crisis. 

The Spokesman strongly denied the shortage of furnace oil saying that we have sufficient stock of it for about ten days. 

He said that the government recently purchased 135 thousand tons of furnace oil from the market of which 35000 has been supplied.

He said that two ships carrying one hundred thousand tons of furnace oil are likely to reach the country by Sunday.

The spokesman said the current 700 MW hydel power generation is also expected to be doubled by the end of this month. He said as soon as supply of furnace oil improves, the load management will be further rationalized to provide more power to domestic and industrial consumers.

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