Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e Nazar program, Maqbool Elahi Malik (Senior Journalist) said, “The present government has made bold and historic decision against terrorism and passed 21st constitutional amendment. Government devised a National Action Plan committee and apex committees. Today’s meeting was held to review the implementation of NAP and Prime Minister has stressed for the strong communication between federal and provincial governments. Firstly, the cases are being scrutinized to be sent to the special courts. Another important issue is of unregistered Afghan refugees who are to be repatriated after identification. Third important thing is the matter of terrorists’ financing. Measures are being taken to plug the sources of terrorists financing. Fourth step is the security of Madaris registration and then reforms.”

Taking part in discussion, analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said, “Nation, religious parties and entire political and military leadership are committed to the national action plan and it would definitely bear desired results. Committees have been constituted at provincial level and actual implementation will soon start in complete coordination with provincial governments, the Federal government and the military leadership. Strategy has already been devised and there is strong will of entire nation towards the National Action Plan. There is complete unanimity between the political and military leadership as terrorism has taken the entire nation hostage hence there is strong resolve for the eradication of the menace from the country. The leadership has realized that without eradication of terrorism development and progress in the country is not possible.”

He added people and civil society should help the leadership to achieve this target. Government has promised the nation to eliminate terrorism from the country and is making serious efforts in this regard. Apex committees of all four provinces should support the National Action Plan.

Political analyst Dr. Rasool Bakhsh Raees said, “Parliament, all political parties, nation and national leadership are on the same page regarding eradication of terrorism and committed to implement the National Action Plan on terrorism. Prime Minister has rightly emphasized the need of effective and efficient coordination all the institutions and provincial committees as without coordination the NAP will bear desired results. Government has taken all possible measures and NAP is being implemented with full force. If the implementation goes as planned most of the terrorism related problems will be eradicated. Our armed forces and other institutions have the ability and capability to defeat the terrorists. Pakistan and Afghanistan have signed an agreement to destroy all the terrorists’ hideouts.”

Afzal Shigri (Former I G Police): “We can achieve the half of our targets in eradication of terrorism just by observing the merit in recruitment and promotion in police force. There is need of collaboration among institutions. The system of judiciary also needs to be bettered. Police has fundamental significance as it is directly linked to people therefore there is need that if should be made efficient. KPK and Balochistan are the most affected provinces and it is mandatory to devise a clear policy on it. People should also play there effective role in eradication of terrorism.” 

Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (Analyst) said,  “It is mandatory and foremost need that we should clearly define our policy and agenda. All the political parties, particularly Ulema and religious parties should be on board and support this mission. If all the parties fight with the same vision end to terrorism is destined.”

Dr Rasheed Ahmed Khan (Analyst): “Today’s meeting indicates that the government is strongly committed towards the implementation of the National Action Plan and is following it up. NAP will definitely bring positive results if  it is implemented in its true letter and spirit. The US is a world power and it views the security issues in international perspective. Terrorism is an international menace and the US and the entire world appreciates Pakistan’s efforts for eradication of terrorism.”   

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