Talking to media persons in Wah Cantt, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan says people are giving strange and illogical arguments on the verdict of the apex court. The court will give its final verdict on the basis of evidence and not allegations. All the five judges were unanimous about formation of the JIT. The opposition has repeatedly been demanding formation of the JIT but now some of them are objecting to it. He expresses surprise that leader of a party with proverbial corruption record should give sermons on corruption. The Government is fully resolved to respect the judgment of the Supreme Court and implement it in letter and spirit. Opposition is scared from the performance of the PML-N led government.

Host: Dr Shoaib Ahmad

Analysts Live on Phone: 

Dr. Zaib Jaffir (Leader, PML-N)

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and Imran Khan agreed to accept the decision of Supreme Court. The Prime Minister is standing on his position while Imran Khan has stepped back. Imran Khan wants anarchy and looks for third force. PTI leadership is immature and confused on many issues. The Prime Minister asked for commission over Panama case since the very beginning. I am not surprised by the reaction of PPP as it is lacking visionary leadership after the assassination of Benazir Bhuttto.

Isfanyar Bhandara (Leader, PML-N)

None of the opposition parties is showing maturity to take Pakistan forward. It is a personal war against the Prime Minister to de-seat him. We should devise a mechanism that no one can do corruption including politicians and bureaucrats. Let the judges and army men do their work properly. There is no justification for accusing honorable judges. The accountability should be made on the basis of current performance of incumbent government.

Shaheen Shafiq (Leader, PML-N)

Everybody who does not accept Supreme Court of Pakistan should not be allowed to do politics here. All opposition parties agreed to accept the decision but they are doing childish moves now. The opposition will keep making noise but we will not allow them to disturb developmental process in Pakistan. The Prime Minister will continue working for the betterment of the country.

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