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CPEC to open new avenues of socio-economic progress in Pakistan: Analysts
June 21, 2019

Dr. Aaliya H.Hashmi (Economist)

Pakistan is facing serious economic challenges and our socio economic indicators are not very impressive right now .It is appreciable that incumbent government has prioritized its focus on skill development, human resource development, and efficiency of labor force. South Asian countries are conscious and invested heavily in human capital to ensure high productivity of their work force. Fortunately Pakistan enjoys optimistic partnership with China. It is need of the hour to shift  Pakistan from import to export oriented country. Hopefully the push from China to diversify Pakistani exports will bring positive impacts on our economy. It is imperative to strengthen our indigenous industry to cope with international markets.

Dr. Farhat Konain (IR Expert)

It is fortunate that China Pakistan historical ties have turned into great economic partnership. CPEC is a long term project which would highly benefit Pakistan in economic terms. The multi-billion project would enhance global connectivity and boost economic activities in the country. It is appreciable that Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking keen interest in enhancing China Pakistan bilateral ties. CPEC would generate redundant job opportunities for indigenous population. Gwadar is a great blessing for Pakistan and timely completion of the project is imperative to get maximum benefit of this golden opportunity.

Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert)

It is appreciable that Incumbent government is taking corrective measures by providing conducive and safe environment to business community and foreign investors. Now, it is our responsibility to bring efficiency and work ethics to the satisfactory level in order to compete with international economic markets. A corruption free working atmosphere would guarantee bright future of the country. Pakistan has great potential for investment and tourism. Our talented youth is in dire need of employment to improve their living standard. New skills should be learnt in order to compete with international work force. CPEC is a great God gifted opportunity for Pakistan to come out of economic crises.

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert)

International community has shown confidence in Pakistan. Pakistan is in safe hands and this fact further endorsed by United Nations by declaring it home station. This status will also attract foreign investment and regain the confidence of investors. Improved security situation is the Prerequisite to secure investment. The new status will have huge multiplying effects and will increase the tourism.

Dr. Haider Mehdi (IR Expert)

International organization like United Nations’ works with an aim to resolve international issues and disputes peacefully. Pakistan has faced worst security issues in the past. International community has recognized our matchless sacrifices for global peace. Pakistan is emerging as an important regional player. It is highly appreciable that world is acknowledging Pakistan’s significance on international front.