Monday, 16 September 2019, 07:49:37 pm
Analysts applaud PTI government’s agenda to empower youth economically
May 21, 2019

Dr. Aliya H. Khan (Renowned Economist):

Kamyab Jawan Program is a great initiative of incumbent government, which especially focused our educated unemployed youth, who could not pursue their higher education and could not adjust in corporate sectors and other levels of job market. It is an opportunity for unemployed youth to initiate their owned entrepreneurship. Such initiatives will help overcome unemployment dilemma in the country. It is imperative for economic revival to provide income generation opportunities to jobless youth through self employment. There is a dire need to groom and train our youth in setting up and manage small entrepreneurship, make business plans and handle other financial issues to run the business successfully.

Dr. Huma Baqai (Expert on International Relations):

Pakistan has always endorsed every initiative taken for Afghan peace. Pakistan has taken concrete steps to facilitate Afghan reconciliation process. Islamabad has clear stance that Afghan peace is in our best interest. Pakistan is highly concerned with the security situation in Afghanistan. Kabul government has failed to responsibly handle the peace process. Pakistan is committed to make any possible effort for regional peace. Pakistan is always ready to facilitate Afghan government and international community for the success of Afghan reconciliation process however, we are concerned with the fact that Afghan soil is being used for subversive activities to sabotage peace Pakistan.

Dr. Abid Quyyum Sulheri (Economist):

Youth loan schemes have some barriers to address including feasibility services to utilize the money, skill set and relevant market or platform to sale the product. The youth has great potential to contribute in the development of the country. The private and government institutions must come forward and help the applicants to prepare a feasibility plan for business to ensure that money is being utilized for its proposed purpose. The current government deserves appreciation for introducing youth-friendly policies.