In Punjab, Pakistan Muslim League-N emerged as leading party which obtained 1013 seats.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, Spokesperson to Prime Minister Dr. Musadik Malik said: “We are thankful to almighty Allah and the nation on yesterday’s victory in second phase of the local government elections in Punjab. The results of the election have showed the confidence of the voters on Pakistan Muslim League’s prudent policies as well as the nation once again proved that the mandate of 2013 general elections was fully correct. They have rejected the rigging propaganda of some political forces by voting PML-N candidates. Our government is committed to provide relief to the people and also working on the development and prosperity of the country day and night. We will not disappoint the nation.”

PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry said: “We congratulate nation that after a decade we succeeded to finally introduced local government system. Nation believes that only PML-N can deliver to masses at doorsteps. This is honesty and sincerity of leadership of PML-N that today we are having projects like CPEC, one of mega projects in Asia. We can see clear positive effect on economic growth within last few years after PML-N came to power. We are planning to overcome energy crisis in coming few years.”

PML-N leader Barrister Daniyal Chaudhry said: “People have fully participated in local bodies  elections and showed their interest and trust on PML-N policies . We are performing to come up to the expectations of the people. PML-N has won by huge vote bank. People once again rejected the politics of sit-in by voting Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.”

PPPP leader Mukhtar Ahmed Dahmra said: “Pakistan People Party is represents the poor class of the country and we have deep roots in general public. The election results showed that the people of Sindh trust in the Pakistan People Party. As for as the defeat in Badin is concern, the Zulfiqar Mirza and his wife Fahmida Mirza has close relations with the local people so that’s way they have secured their seats from the area. The Functional League, Nawaz League and other parties made a collation against PPP but people of Sindh once again showed their confidence on the leadership of Bhutto.”

Senior journalist Arif Nizami said: “There is no major contradiction in the results between first and second phases of local government elections. PML-N is leading in Punjab and PPP is in Sindh; whereas, Zulfiqar Mirza has created an upset in Sindh by defeating ruling Pakistan People Party. The results have showed that PTI is losing its popularity in the masses. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz got success in Local Government elections on their performance.     

Senior journalist Haji Nawaz Raza said: “The results of the second phase of the local government’s elections have shown the confidence of masses on the policies of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. The credit of holding peaceful elections and suitable security arrangements in Punjab goes to provincial government. Most of the independent candidates have affiliations with the PML-N. The people of Punjab have appreciated the prudent policies of PML-N in last two years and voted them. They once again showed their satisfaction on the leadership of PML-N. PPPP is leading in Sindh but Badin masses voted in favor of Zulfiqar Mirza. Imran Khan should learn some lesson and left the politics of agitation because people have rejected his policies in the second phase of elections in both Sindh and Punjab.”


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