Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday chaired a high-level meeting on national security.

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar programme of Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel, defence analyst, Col. (Retired) Sultan Sikander Ghuman said: “Consultation between civil and military leadership will strengthen national integrity. A democratically elected political leadership provides solutions to problems confronting the nation. We have to strengthen our counter-insurgency units to fight terrorism.”

Former IG Police Afzal Shigri said: “The government has shown political will to continue operation against criminal elements without any discrimination in Karachi. I am hopeful the security situation of the country will improve due to the steps taken by the government.”

Lt. Gen. (Retired) Talat Masood said: “I think confidence-building measures and cooperation in border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan will improve security situation in the region. Joint operation by Pakistan and Afghanistan in border areas can bring desired results.”

Talking about the CICA Summit being held in Shanghai, Dr. Shaheen Akhtar of the Department of International Relations, National Defense University Islamabad, said: “CICA summit will have a global and regional impact on relations among the member countries. Afghan situation will be discussed at the conference for regional peace and security. Larger understanding on core regional issues among the member countries will bring peace and security in Asia.”

Dr. Salma Malik, Defence and Strategic Studies Department at QAU, said: “The CICA conference is very important for regional peace and security especially when US forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan. China has a central position in the world affairs.”

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