Pakistan International Airlines Flight 705 (PK705) was a Boeing 720–040B that crashed while descending to land on Runway 34 at Cairo International Airport on May 20 killing 121 of the 127 passengers and crew on board. The crash marked the fourth and deadliest involving a Boeing 720, and to date is the second-deadliest aviation accident in Egypt after Flash Airlines Flight 604


Flight 705 on 20 May 1965 was an innaugural flight between Karachi, Pakistan and London, United Kingdom and was carrying distinguished guests and journalists among the 114 passengers. The aircraft was planned to stop at Dharan, Cairo and then Geneva before completing its journey to London. Flight 705 had departed Dhahran International Airport after a scheduled stopover for Cairo. As the pilot was on final approach to Cairo International Airport when he reported problems with his flaps, shortly afterwards the aircraft crashed south-east of the airport and broke-up as it exploded in flames. Six of the passengers were thrown clear of the wreckage but everybody else on board was killed.



The probable cause was that The aircraft did not maintain the adequate height for the circuit and continued to descend until it contacted the ground. The reason for that abnormal continuation of descent is unknown. 


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