Political consensus to this effect was evolved after intensive consultations among the political parties after the expiry of military courts' tenure in January this year.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says amendments to the already tabled Constitutional Amendment Bill and Army Act amendment Bill have been lodged in the National Assembly in light of consensus arrived in the Parliamentary leaders meeting.

In a statement, he said that in meeting of Parliamentary leaders it was also agreed to set up a Parliamentary Committee on National Security with Parliamentary leaders of National Assembly and Senate as its members.  

Host : Abdul Hameed Tabasum

Co-Host : Malik Manzoor 

Analysts on Telephone:

Lt.Gen Ret.Talat Masood (Defence Expert):

The extension of military courts is a good decision. National Action Plan is yet to be implemented completely. In coming two years, implementation of NAP must be made sure.

Brig.Ret Said Nazeer Ahmad (Defence Expert):

Keeping in mind ground realities this is a wise decision by the government. However, in these two years, civilian courts must be strengthened and National Action Plan must be implemented strictly.

Topic :Two-day meeting of Permanent Indus Commission of Pakistan and India -India must show seriousness to resolve the water issue

 The two-day 113th meeting of Permanent Indus Commission between Pakistan and India begins in Islamabadon Monday.The agenda of the talks includes discussions on the design aspects of Pakal Dul, Lower Kalnai and Miyar hydroelectric plants, flood data supply by India and programme of tours of inspection and meetings by Pakistan and India to the sites of their interest in the Indus basin. Pakistan welcomed the decision of the Indian government to resume the regular talks and welcomes the Indian delegation to Islamabad.

Analysts on Telephone :

Dr.Shoaib Ahamad (Expert on Water Issues ) :

To have access to water, air and sunlight is fundamental right of every individual. It is stubbornness of India policy makers that they are stopping water available to people of Pakistan. International community can resolve this issue but it is willfully silent over this matter. We should establish our own dams and water storage mechanism in the future.

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