Government reduces electricity tariff by one point nine zero rupees per unit for the month of June to provide relief to consumers

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has approved one point nine-zero rupees reduction in power tariff under the fuel price adjustment mechanism. The Chairman NEPRA has directed to provide relief to the consumers in the bills of June. The reduction would not be applicable to the life line consumers and the K-electric.

Analyst live on Phone:

Mian Abdul Manan (Leader-PML-N):

The PML-N government under the leadership of Prime Minister has tried to minimize electricity bills in Pakistan . It had promised to overcome load shedding and provide cheap electricity to the people of Pakistan . The NEPRA has given this relief for the benefit of common people . We are trying to provide electricity on same rates to everybody.

UN lauds Pakistan for hosting largest number of refugees in world

The United Nations has appreciated Pakistan for hosting the largest number of refugees in the world. A report prepared by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said Pakistan has generously hosted the world's largest refugee population for three decades, and it is essential to mobilise more support from the international community.

Analysts live on Phone:

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert):

This is admission of the fact that Pakistan supported Afghanistan when situation in the region was deteriorated. Despite its own limitations, Pakistan welcomed Afghan refugees and fulfilled their economic needs. During civil war in Afghanistan, refugees again came to Pakistan . The global community has recognized Pakistan’s efforts for Afghanistan. Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region. Pakistan has fulfilled all its responsibilities as neighboring country and helped Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds. Afghanistan government should realize our efforts and halt anti-Pakistan activities.

Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi (IR Expert):

Pakistan has always supported Afghanistan. When Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, Pakistan welcomed Afghan refugees. They were allowed to live in all provinces of Pakistan . More than 3 million Afghans came and settled here. The global community always appreciates our efforts in this regard. Pakistan has protected the Afghan refugees and given them employment opportunities. Out of all neighboring countries including China, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, Pakistan has supported more to Afghanistan. Countries like India are using Afghanistan as a tool against Pakistan . An entirely new Afghan generation has evolved in Pakistan and they love our country.

Host: Dr. Sajjad Bukhari

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