Government reduces electricity tariff by one point nine zero rupees per unit for the month of June to provide relief to consumers

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has approved one point nine-zero rupees reduction in power tariff under the fuel price adjustment mechanism. The Chairman NEPRA has directed to provide relief to the consumers in the bills of June . The reduction would not be applicable to the life line consumers and the K-electric.

UN lauds Pakistan for hosting largest number of refugees in world

The United Nations has appreciated Pakistan for hosting the largest number of refugees in the world. A report prepared by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said Pakistan has generously hosted the world's largest refugee population for three decades, and it is essential to mobilise more support from the international community.

Analyst live on Phone: 

Brig. Retd. Said Nazeer (Defence Analyst):

There is a long standing misperception about Afghanistan as strategic depth for Pakistan. In the times of crisis, wars and natural calamities, people from all ethnic groups have migrated to Pakistan. They have been living here for more than 4 decades. They have been provided all sorts of facilities and education. Afghanistan should be grateful on all these accounts that Pakistan has accommodated a large number of its refugees. They have been treated like Pakistanis. This speaks volumes about Pakistan as a nation. Pakistan’s infrastructure has been used by Afghan refugees and our economy has suffered because of them. Afghanistan is home of western forces and intelligence agencies. They are grinding their own axe against Pakistan. The leadership is not interested in peace and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistan has rendered great sacrifices and affected the most by Afghanistan crisis.

Host: Ali Naseer 

Co-Host: Ahsan Bashir

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