Black Day against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir

Black Day is being observed across Pakistan today to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren and protest grave human rights violations by the Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir. Rallies are held all over Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to draw attention of the world community towards the burning issue of Kashmir. Kashmiris in Occupied Valley are also observing Black Day. All officials of federal and provincial governments are wear black arms band while on duty to express political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiris. Special prayers are also be held after Zohar prayers for martyrs of Kashmir. On July 15th, Cabinet meeting which took place in Lahore decided to mark 20th July as Black day. Pakistanis living across the world are also protesting against the Indian brutalities.

Message of PM on Black Day

Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir say Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif has urged India to grant right to self-determination to Kashmiris as pledged by it before the world community. No state can be allowed to trample human rights in the name of political interests and state strategy. Kashmir cannot be considered internal affair of India as the United Nations has declared it a dispute. India itself made a commitment to hold plebiscite to determine will of the Kashmiri people. If the issue of human rights violations in other countries can be raised at UN and other forums then why not the issue of human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to Indian atrocities against people in Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan stands firmly with Kashmiri brethren at this hour of trial and would fight their case vigorously on diplomatic, political and human rights fronts. We will never leave Kashmiris alone and their case will be fought at all the diplomatic, political and human rights fora. Pakistan cannot keep itself aloof if such recurrent inhuman treatment is meted out to the Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. Current freedom wave in Kashmir will not subside, noting that when nations rise in such a way, nothing can stop them in their path towards freedom. India has no other option but to accept its defeat before the heroic struggle.

Pakistan’s UN envoy briefs President of the Security Council on the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. Pakistan envoy to United

Nations Maleeha Lodhi delivered a letter to the president of UN Security Council written by Pakistan's Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz. She briefed the President of the Security Council on the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. The Ambassador said denial of self-determination to people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir has resulted in the most atrocious human rights violations. Maleeha Lodhi said occupation forces are resorting to brutal acts to suppress the right of determination of Kashmiri people promised by UNSC resolutions. She said despite Indian suppression the Kashmiri people are determined to continue their struggle for freedom from foreign occupation.

Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz addressed a function held in connection with Black Day in Islamabad today. Sartaj Aziz has said that Pakistan is sensitizing the world community about the need for solution of the Kashmir dispute to prevent human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan is also trying to mobilizing the public opinion in different countries to get support for right of self-determination of Kashmiri people. He has addressed letters to heads of important organs of UN and OIC urging them to bring Indian atrocities against Kashmiris to the notice of human rights organizations and protest against them. India has been evading taking up seriously the issue of Jammu and Kashmir under the composite dialogue equating it with terrorism. Whole world knows now that it is not an issue of terrorism but the question of right of self-determination for Kashmiri people.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid addressed participants of a protest rally in Islamabad today. Pervaiz Rashid has said that by observing the Black Day, people of Pakistan are trying to prick the conscience of the world community to fulfil pledges made to Kashmiri people. Kashmiris are raising their voice for their fundamental right.

The polling for the AJK legislative assembly will be held on 21st July, 2016

There are 22, 37, 058 voters including 12, 11,842 men and 10, 25,216 women in AJK’s ten districts. For Refugees 12 constituencies, a total of 4,44,634 voters will be entitled to exercise their right to franchise. New voters’ lists have been prepared with the cooperation of NADRA for 2016 elections and bogus votes have been removed. Complete ban on promotion, transfers of government employees and put a ban on new schemes, inauguration or foundation stone laying ceremonies of new development schemes. AJK elections will be held under Judiciary while in 12 constituencies in Pakistan, these would be held under the supervision of Election Commission of Pakistan. In the 48-seat Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly, elections are being held on 41 direct seats, of which 12 seats of Occupied Kashmir refugees are in Pakistan. Nine of these seats are in Punjab, which the PML-N is eyeing to secure, including two seats in Rawalpindi district and one each in Islamabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Narowal and Multan. Meanwhile, there are two seats in Sindh (Karachi) and one in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Peshawar).

Live on Telephone

Sartaj Aziz (Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs):

“Pakistan is trying to raise the issue of human right violations of Indian forces in front of international community. BJP government, since coming to power, has chalked out a policy to suppress the movement for the right of self-determination. The continued suppression of Indian government trickled these protests after the incident of martyrdom of Burhan Wani. Wani used to mobilze people through social media. So after his death, thousands of people offered his funeral prayer in absentia, despite curfew. During these peaceful protests, Indian forces opened fire, killing more than 50 innocent Kashmiris and injuring more than 3500. Among those injured, 400 are in serious condition. More than 70 people have lost their eye sight due to the use of pellets by the occupying forces. These atrocities are continuing for the last 13 day. Even Indian politicians and media are raising serious concerns about the current situation of Kashmir and they are asking Indian government to restore the identity of Kashmiris as was promised to them. Pakistan conveyed its message to UNSC President, OIC Secretary General and United Nations Commission for Human Rights. Pakistan is making diplomatic efforts to rationalize the world community that this movement for the right of self-determination cannot be suppressed through the use of brutal force. The Kashmiris should be given the opportunity to determine their future. The current situation cannot be ignored by international community.”

Ali Sarwar Naqvi (Former Ambassador):

“We observe Black Day to expose Indian aggression in Kashmir and reveal its brutalities in front of global community. India has attracted the world because of its huge market and no one is paying attention to Kashimiri sufferings. Kashmir is one of the oldest and unresolved issues on UN agenda. The Kashmiri people should get their right of self-determination. During the recent events, they have once again made it clear that they do not want to live with India.”

Syed Yousaf Naseem (Convener, APHC):

“Indian held Kashmir is suffering from brutalities inflicted from Indian forces since 1947. It is unfortunate that Kashmir resolution in UNSC is not being accepted. The world is trying to throw it into the dustbin of history. Indian forces have killed nearly 94880 people in Kashmir. In the recent carnage, 49 people have been killed again. The entire valley is feeling the pain for the people assassinated. Pakistan has written letters to global community about Indian violence in Kashmir, which is a positive move. Kashmir and Pakistan are integral for each other as Great Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah termed Kashmir a vanguard of Pakistan.  Since 9/11, international community has stopped differentiating between terrorism and fight for freedom.”


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