Pakistan is observing Black Day today (Wednesday, 20/07/2016) to express solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren who are being subjected to most noticeably bad brutalities in Kashmir by Indian military. 

The Federal Government has already directed ministries, divisions and provincial governments to observe the Day and express solidarity with Kashmiris and lodge protest against Indian atrocities.

Revives and capacities would be held crosswise over Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to draw consideration of the world group towards the smoldering issue of Kashmir.

The authorities have likewise been coordinated to wear dark arm groups while playing out their obligations to express political, moral and strategic backing to Kashmiris amid working hours.

Such solidarity with Kashmiri brothers was also shown in Gilgit Baltistan .


Voice: Dr. Sher Dil Khan

Producer: Dr. Sher Dil Khan

It is PBC Gilgit Production.

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