Black day being observed today to slam Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir - PM urges India to grant right to self-determination to Kashmiris as pledged by it before the world community

Black Day is being observed across Pakistan today to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren and protest grave human rights violations by the Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir. Rallies and functions will be held all over Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to draw attention of the world community towards the burning issue of Kashmir. Kashmiris in Occupied Valley will also observe Black Day. All officials of federal and provincial governments will wear black arms band while on duty to express political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiris. Special prayers will also be held after Zohar prayers for martyrs of Kashmir. Pakistani diaspora will lodge strong protests in front of the national Parliaments of their respective host countries and the United Nations organizations. Pakistani missions abroad will also sensitize the local media as well as various caucuses in different regions on the Kashmir issue. On July 15th, Cabinet meeting which took place in Lahore decided to mark 20th July as Black day.

Message of PM on Black Day

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged India to grant right to self-determination to Kashmiris as pledged by it before the world community. No state can be allowed to trample human rights in the name of political interests and state strategy. Kashmir cannot be considered internal affair of India as the United Nations has declared it a dispute India itself made a commitment to hold plebiscite to determine will of the Kashmiri people. If the issue of human rights violations in other countries can be raised at UN and other forums, then why not the issue of human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to Indian atrocities against people in Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan stands firmly with Kashmiri brethren at this hour of trial and would fight their case vigorously on diplomatic, political and human rights fronts.

Pakistan envoy to UN briefed President of Security Council on Kashmir situation

Pakistan envoy to UN Maleeha Lodhi has delivered a letter to the president of UN Security Council written by Pakistan's adviser on foreign policy Sartaj Aziz. She was briefing  the President of the Security Council on the situation in occupied Kashmir. Denial of self-determination to people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir has resulted in the most atrocious human rights violations. Occupation forces are resorting to brutal acts to suppress the right of determination of Kashmiri people promised by UNSC resolutions. Despite Indian suppression the Kashmiri people are determined to continue their struggle for freedom from foreign occupation.

Accession to Pakistan day was observed yesterday on both sides of LoC  

Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control observed Accession to Pakistan Day today with a renewed pledge to continue their freedom struggle till liberation of the state from Indian subjugation.


Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema (Senior Analyst):

“International Human Rights Organizations should take notice of violations in Kashmir by India. India is also involved in war crimes in the valley. Indian forces are trying to oppress the voice of Kashmiris by carrying out heinous operation. International community should also bring a resolution in support of Kashmiris in United Nations. Kashmir is not the internal affair of India as it is a disputed territory since partition. Global world is quiet over the violations in Kashmir which is unfortunate. It seems world has forgotten the humanity and is just running behind its political and economic interests. It is the high time to raise voice against India’s barbarism in Occupied Kashmir.”

Chaudhry Asad-ur-Rehman (MNA, PML-N):

“It is the birth right of Kashmiris to determine their fate. In recent past, Scotland exercised self- determination in historic referendum to get independence from England. United Nations also accepted this right of Kashmiris but India is continuously violating world body’s resolutions in this regard.  India wants to rule Kashmir through brutal use of force. Decision of our political leadership to extend moral, political and diplomatic support is appropriate.”

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