Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States on Friday , 20th January 2017

The US President-elect Donald Trump will take oath of his office in Washington today as the 45th President of the United States of America. Trump won the general election on November 8, last year against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has said that his foreign policy views have been informed by his overseas business experience and meetings with world leaders. He has described himself as “not isolationist, but I am America first,” and has said that he would renegotiate traditional American alliances like NATO if allies were not willing to increase their share of the military or financial burden.

Analysts live on Phone:

Maj Gen (Retd) Farooq Malik (Defense Analyst):

There are certain ups and downs being observed in Pak-US relations in the past. I am not expecting major difference in these relations after Donald Trump takes oath as President of America. We should not expect favor from United States. China Pakistan Economic Corridor project will strengthen Pakistan’s economy and United States must support Pakistan in this regard. There could be improvement in bilateral relations of Pakistan and United States, if U.S reviews its policies regarding Pakistan. United States must support Pakistan’s stance for peace in Afghanistan. Donald Trump has already offered his role as a mediator to resolve Kashmir dispute.

Air Marshal (Retd) Masood Akhtar (Defense Analyst):

We may expect change in foreign policies of United States after the oath of Donald Trump as American President . Pakistan needs to work to get United States support for regional issues. Donald Trump believes in short-term foreign policy. He is interested to resolve Syria, Iraq and Ukraine issues. Trump is a successful businessman and could play an effective role to resolve all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan including Kashmir dispute through dialogue. We should have to focus on strengthening bilateral relations with United States with positive approach.

Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed (IR Expert):

Pakistan is coalition partner of United States in war against Taliban in Afghanistan and enjoys good relations with United States. U.S has also appreciated Pakistan’s role and sacrifices in war against terrorism. Donald Trump is going to take oath as new American President in a while. He could play a role to resolve Kashmir dispute. United States has some reservations on Pak-China defense cooperation. United States is supporting India in strengthening its defense power in the region that will definitely destabilize balance of power in the region. Pakistan needs to active its foreign policies to improve its relations with United States.

Host: Ahsan Bashir

Co-Host: Ali Naseer & Zunera Khalid

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