Hajj gift packs were distributed amongst Pakistani pilgrims in Makkah by the ministry of religious affairs as parts of efforts to make their stay in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalfa comfortable for performance of Hajj rituals.             

On behalf of the government, Director General Hajj Sajid Yousfani presented the gifts to the pilgrims.  Each gift pack comprises a prayer mat, Muzdalfa mat, inflatable pillow and a blanket.         

Whilst distributing gifts, the director general Hajj also inquired from the Hujjaj about the facilities including those of accommodation, food and transport made available to them.          

The Hujjaj expressed satisfaction on the overall arrangements. They also expressed their happiness over receiving the gift packs.             

Later talking to our correspondent Zahid Hameed, Sajid Yousfani said that these gift packs will remain memorable for the pilgrims.        

When asked about the arrangements put in place for Pakistani pilgrims in Mashaer, the director general hajj said that this time the pilgrims will be given three time meal.

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